Tile Apprenticeship in NC

Carolina Tile Installers Sponsors NC Tile Setter Apprenticeship Program

Programs are available for Tile Setters and Tile Finishers.

Benefits to Employer
·         Develop highly-skilled workers
·         Build a pipeline of skilled workers
·         Gain workers with customized skills
·         Make a positive return on investment
·         Your company may qualify for tax credits.  Many states offer tax credits related to apprenticeship programs. Employers may also be able to claim training expenses as a federal tax credit.
·         Create a safer workplace that may reduce worker compensation costs, due to the program’s emphasis on safety training
Funding for training, supplies or other aspects of apprenticeship programs may be available through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA).
Benefits to Worker
·         Receive paid on-the-job training with related classroom instruction to prepare you for your highly skilled career as a tile setter
·         Be guided and trained by skilled mentors 
·         Secure an industry-recognized credential with no educational debt
·         Leverage your completed apprenticeship for career advancement
·         Create a path to middle-class wages without the need for a four-year degree
·         Carry your national credential where ever you go
Remember that you will earn while you learn, gaining the skills needed to become a journeyman tile setter.
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